Nakatanenga Tactical Messenger Bag - 2nd Generation

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↪️ Tactical Messenger bag V2 ✔️ successor of the successful 1st version ✔️ highest wearing comfort ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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Tactical Messenger Bag - The 2nd generation with many novelties The Tactical Messenger bag of... more

Tactical Messenger Bag - The 2nd generation with many novelties

The Tactical Messenger bag of the 2nd generation is now available with many improvements. It combines all practical benefits of the 1st generation paired with meaningful innovations. And to spare you the agony of choice, we've reduced ourselves to one color in this generation -> Gray Coyote.

In addition to the look and the many packaging options, the wearing comfort is of course an important criterion. Therefore, this bag also has an adjustable shoulder strap with adjoining shoulder pad. To relieve the shoulders, the bag can also be worn by means of a hip belt. Or you just carry the bag so with the handle on the back. There are two different waist straps on this bag. One narrow and one  wider and padded. The additional padded strap can also be removed from the bag and finds many other uses because of the attached laser-cut molle, e.g. as a practical holder for beverage bottles, as a weapon holster, for attaching first aid bags and much more. Thanks to the universal Molle system, the fields of application are virtually unlimited.

Just like the first generation, a high wearing comfort is again required, because this bag also offers an extremely large number of packing possibilities. But if that is not enough you can order for example a first aid bag and a bottle bag. These can be attached to the LaserCut Molle system of the left and right outer sides of the messenger bag.

The Gray Man principle has already penetrated into the cities.

What is meant by the Gray Man principle?
Although the official name is "Gray Man Theory", the concept naturally applies to men, women, young and old. 
You have to immerse yourself in a special situation or just want to be inconspicuous, or when it gets serious, nobody should realize that you are capable of surviving and what equipment you carry with you.
In an emergency situation it is sometimes better to "disappear" in the crowd and not be noticed unnecessarily. As a "gray man" you attract no unnecessary attention. In dangerous situations you can escape much easier in the crowd.
Furthermore, inconspicuous people are rarely targets. The theory also has something of self-protection.

According to this principle you should never be able to recognize what you are equipped for.
The concept is that you should sink in the crowd and look less "ready" than you are. So a Gray Man lives this philosophy from head to toe. That does not mean running around in the middle of the city with camouflage clothes, or in gray because that's what the name suggests. It is therefore appropriate to be unfussy and prepared.

This bag may seem inconspicuous. But with all the features you always have everything you need, without attracting much attention. That's why every EDC-bag (every-day-carry-bag) is an absolute must-have for every Gray-Man!

Everything at a glance - tray by tray:


  • velcro on the outside to attach a Velcro patch (a large selection of Patsches can be found here)
  • right and left sides: bottle pockets with elastic band
  • both bottle pockets are outside with laser cut molle - ideal for e.g. First aid bags or similar
  • practical carrying handle on the top
  • adjustable shoulder strap with comfortable shoulder pad
  • small hip belt
  • additional, padded and adjustable waist belt
  • at the bottom of the bag, a loop system is attached, e.g. to stow a jacket easilie
  • zipped pocket in the pocket lid: open compartment for documents and another 3-part subdivision.


  • a spacious interior compartment
  • on the back side is a partition for laptops or tablets
  • the detachment to the laptop compartment is a zippered compartment, which has other useful mesh pockets at the front
  • in the large compartment are two mesh pockets on the right and left, e.g. for mobile phone, charging cable, power bank etc.
  • inside at the front side you will find another net pocket with zipper, at this there is a removable small organizer (in which pins, important cards u.v.m find space)
  • with the lid open you will find two more front pockets on the front - one of which is equipped with a junkbag - the junkbag prevents the falling out of small parts (more junkbags for quick replacement can be found here.)


Bag: 100% nylon - PU coated
Buckles: Duraflex

And by the way: At Nakatanenga, we only use materials with 100% nylon PU coating for all textile articles. Nylon PU (polyurethanes) is, unlike PVC, free from harmful phthalate-based plasticizers. Low molecular weight phthalates were until recently the most common plasticizers for plastics of all kinds and are even used in food and cosmetics. However, they accumulate in the environment and are due to their molecular nature suspected of acting as the body's own hormones. This is toxicologically highly questionable and is considered the trigger for various diseases, including cancer. For Nakatanenga, it goes without saying that when it comes to coating textile products, it is only possible to use environmentally friendly and harmless alternatives such as nylon PU.

External dimensions:
Width: approx. 36 cm, height: approx. 30 cm, depth approx. 20 cm

Weight: 1.5 kg

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