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Cross member Rack for VW Amarok - to be mounted to the original Rollcage

€395.00 *

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↪️ additional Storage ✔️ engineered for Blacklabel and Canyon - Edition ✔️ by Henke ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
  • 15 kg

Delivery time 40 business days

Let's clear up with the advertising slogan that pickups are truly transport miracles from the... more

Let's clear up with the advertising slogan that pickups are truly transport miracles from the ground up. The often tried brochure image of the surfer, who lays the long boards in the back of the truck and crashes to the beach, is quite out of touch with reality. First, reason and §22 StVO say that cargo must be secured and secondly, the purse, the Cab and side walls would not be dented or scratched with bulky items immediately.

Especially when it comes to premium pickups like the VW Amarok with DoubleCab and a short flatbed, then usually the roll bar comes into play. Originally intended as a security feature in the event of a fall, it is actually used mostly for sheet protection in Transsport and - more than enough - for lashing long or bulky items.

But why do things halfway, if it works right? With our new crossbar system for all original Amarok rollover bars of the Canyon or Dark Label editions we give the expensive piece of pipe a whole flatbed load of additional functionality.

Two single crossbeams made of aluminum are bolted to the rollbar with a secure clamp via separate clamps and serve as an adjustable platform for secure mounting, e.g. from racks or aluminum boxes. This creates additional, separate cargo space and greater order, especially for loose tools, lashing straps and other accessories. Lashing points in the cross beams allow flexible attachment of single studs. This way even bulky and irregular objects can be securely fastened. Overhanging objects can thus also be transported above the side wall, so that the tailgate or roll cover can remain closed while driving.

If you really use your Amarok as a moving toolbox or as a service mobile for outdoor sports, then the Nakatanenga crossbar system is ideal - stable, practical, clean and multifunctional.

100 kg dynamic load (while driving) with equally distributed load
400 kg static load e.g. Roof tent with persons.

Weight: 13 kg

2 pcs crossbar bracket

Pictured accessories such as single studs, lashing straps and aluminum covers are available separately in the shop.

Material crossbar: aluminum
Material brackets: stainless steel

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