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CargoBear system roof rack - for Suzuki Jimny 2

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↪️ CargoBear system roof rack ✔️ for Suzuki Jimny 2 ✔️ material: aluminum ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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Pack a bear on your roof, the CargoBear! Or, in this case, our new bear cub. The modular roof... more

Pack a bear on your roof, the CargoBear! Or, in this case, our new bear cub. The modular roof rack system that has revolutionized the attic conversions on top of Defenders and G-Wagons is now also available for the Jimny II.

The small workhorse from Suzuki is a big performer but has one major disadvantage: the Jimny –  due to conceptual constraints – suffers from massive lack of space on the inside. Farmers, foresters and other friends of the 4x4 quickly reach the limits of the Mini-Defender when storing tools and equipment. With the CargoBear for the petite Japanese, there is now a modular and highly flexible roof rack to individually adapt to your needs.

The CargoBear’s flat roof silhouette reduces aerodynamic losses and the modular design protects the car’s roof and body by effectively absorbing torsion forces.

The deep black, high-quality powder-coated CargoBear modules made of aluminum-magnesium alloy are manufactured entirely in Germany. The bear’s skeleton is made up of either two or three crossbeams. The beams also work by themselves as roof racks. Two panels fit each segment between a pair of crossbars, creating either a short or a full platform over the entire length of the roof. An accompanying wind deflector at the front further improves the aerodynamics of the roof rack, which is already very flat, and offers the possibility of mounting the Osram SX180 or SX300 light bars via special holes. For the rear, an end carrier is included for mounting additional headlights, handles or other accessories.

The modular structure over the entire area allows for a flexible yet precise arrangement of lashing points, thereby making your roof load much more secure. Fittings are inserted in the lashing grid on the side or on top of the rack. Single stud fittings are recommended for lighter loads. If it gets heavier, choose ring fittings with double studs. As the name implies, two studs instead of one are inserted into the lashing grid, effectively halving the forces exerted on each point in the grid. The CargoBear’s panels feature a perforated non-slip design, contributing further to your load safety.

The modules are supplied with all the necessary fastening material.

Measured from the gutter, the CargoBear is approx. 15 cm high. On the roof it is approx. 5-6cm - depending on the roof, condition, year of construction etc.

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