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Portable winch with battery operation 80/82V, PCW3000-LI

Portable winch with battery operation 80/82V

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↪️️ 3 speeds ✔️ constant tractive force ✔️ compact and portable ✔️ max 1000 kg tractive force ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
  • PORPCW3000-LI
  • 11 kg

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The PCW3000-Li is the only battery-powered portable capstan winch in the world! Portable Winch... more

The PCW3000-Li is the only battery-powered portable capstan winch in the world!

Portable Winch Co. is once again leading innovation with the introduction of this new winch model. With its 1.0 kW electric motor powered by 80/82 volt lithium-ion batteries, POWERFUL, with a pulling force of 1000kg max, and a lightweight at only 9.5kg, it can be carried wherever its use is required. Users will be able to do strenuous work with ease. Completely maintenance-free, it is always ready for use!


  • Cordless - you can carry it wherever it is needed. Very easy to store.
  • Maintenance-free
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Self-powered - no external power source.
  • Consistently HIGH performance
  • Durable and powerful winch of high quality,
  • Fast anchoring and easy to use
  • Safe - the user is never in the pull axis.
  • Synthetic rope
  • No smell or smoke. Can therefore be used both outdoors and indoors.
  • 1.0 kW electric motor - all positions - 82 V max. with overload protection (automatic cut-off)
  • Maximum pulling force - Continuous 700 kg Max. 1000 kg
  • Weight 9,5 kg
  • Capstan drum 76 mm
  • Gearbox in alloyed aluminium.
  • Alloy aluminium gearbox.
  • Reduction ratio 200:1
  • Brake - clutch bearing for anti-lock protection
  • Clutch - Direct drive
  • Working cycle - Continuous
  • Dimensions: 30.2 cm wide x 31.8 cm long x 31 cm high


  • With battery 82 V - 2.5 AH runtime up to 45 minutes
  • With battery 82 V - 5 AH runtime up to 90 minutes


  • Speed 1 - 8.1 m/min
  • Speed 2 - 10 m/min
  • Speed 3 - 11.6 m/mi

Please note:
No battery / charger or rope and recovery straps are included. This is optionally available.

Suitable accessories:
Double braided polyester rope 
Battery for winch, 82V, 3Ah
Battery for winch, 82V, 6Ah
Charger for 82V battery
Tree retaining plate with ratchet strap
Tow bar plate for trailer coupling
Recovery strap
Shorty recovery strap

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