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Cable winch system Beta for the Suzuki Jimny

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↪️ electric winch 12V ✔️ 3 to traction✔️ fits all Jimny models from 2013-2017 ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
  • HSW9950JIMX
  • 23 kg Sperrgut

Delivery time 5-10 business days

The Power Winch System Beta for the Suzuki Jimny The winch system was developed for the... more

The Power Winch System Beta for the Suzuki Jimny

The winch system was developed for the Suzuki Jimny and is built in our small winch manufacture in Austria.

  • the winch system is attached to the original points of the vehicle, it does not have to be welded, drilled or flexed.
  • the unit was calculated so that the frame is not unilaterally loaded by the Jimny.
  • this system uses a smaller winch where the freewheel lever is not accessible.
  • the rope must therefore always be retracted and extended using the remote control.
  • the winch system has a 3-year guarantee, but can provide a lifelong pleasure if cared for properly. You can get all the important information about handling your new hornwinch in the operating instructions and from your specialist dealer.

The system fits all Jimny models from 2013-2017 and also has a TÜV parts certificate.


  • 8 mm Ø plastic rope with 30 m length with hook
  • aluminum rope window
  • remote control 1x cable
  • radio remote control (delivered without battery)
  • reinforced potted relay (contactor)
  • removable control unit (so that the control can be installed as desired)
  • freewheel lever * gear neutral position made of stainless steel
  • cross braces made of stainless steel
  • reinforced rope drum ** (suitable for using plastic rope)
  • powder coated aluminum die-cast housing motor / gearbox
  • reinforced contactor housing made of powder-coated sheet metal
  • inlying drum brake with 3 brake shoes
  • TÜV parts certificate
  • 3 years guarantee
  • operation manual

* A freewheel lever is used to decouple the gearbox to quickly unwind the winch by hand.
** Plastic cables load the cable drums laterally by far more than steel cables

Technical specifications:

  • working range voltage: 10-16 Volt
  • max. Power consumption 230 Amp **
  • train speed 4 m / minute without load
  • towing power 2.300kg **
  • 3-stage planetary gear 294: 1 geared down
  • net weight: 19.7 kg including rope and rope window
  • permanent magnet motor *
  • drum (ØxLength): 63x139 mm
  • overall size (LxWxH): 465 x 158 x 214 mm
  • mounting hole size: 174x114 mm M10
  • installation time: 4 hours

* Series motor with permanent magnet
** Values ​​can vary considerably, depending on the battery system, the winch can pull up to twice, the traction is designed for a standard 50AH battery. With more powerful battery systems the pulling power must be limited by the current / voltage.


  • the cable winch is made of aluminum and high-strength stainless steel
  • high strength so that the steel can withstand the loads. This steel can also rust, i.e. if the parts are exposed to salt in winter, you should care for them every now and then and let them in with a thin oil film. We have provided maintenance instructions in the download area.

What winch do I need?

Buying a winch should be considered carefully. We from the horntools team and our partners are happy to take the time and find the right winch for you. Most problems arise when you are given wrong advice or not at all.
The questionnaire helps us to know what is going on before we contact you.
The more information we have in advance, the better we can prepare.

The plastic rope

  • in winch operation, the hornrope plastic ropes are characterized by their extremely low weight
  • with a 4-ton winch system, you save about 10 kg in weight by walking in front of the axle year after year
  • safety is another point that comes into play with synthetic fiber ropes. If the rope breaks, it doesn't bounce like a steel rope
  • recovery winches that are installed in cars and all-wheel drive vehicles generally do not have a rope guide. Without a rope guide, it is preprogrammed that the ropes are not wound in the correct position, so they overturn. In the case of a steel rope, this immediately leads to a strand break inside the rope. Plastic ropes are much less sensitive.
  • of course there is no advantage without disadvantage - the plastic ropes are very sensitive to heat, which has an effect especially on electric rope winches that have a drum brake in the rope drum. The electric motor heats up, as does the drum brake. That is why our ropes have heat protection for the first layer of rope
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