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MX85-SP Powerful LED worklights for off-road use Reliable technology and powerful... more


Powerful LED worklights for off-road use
Reliable technology and powerful long-distance illumination: the LEDriving Cube MX85-SP LED spotlights combine this effortlessly. Thanks to the four built-in high-performance LEDs, the worklight achieves an illumination range of up to 110 metres.

The worklights optimally equip every car for far-field illumination. With a light beam range of 110 metres and a beam angle of 13.5 degrees, work can be carried out off-road even at a greater distance from the vehicle. The colour temperature of 6000 Kelvin ensures conditions similar to daylight.

The LEDriving Cube MX85-SP worklights offer two light functions. On the one hand, the classic work light with up to 1,250lm can be used, on the other hand, the stylish X-shape of the LED work light.
In addition to the compact format and durable finish, the LED work light scores as a stylish addition to the off-road style of the vehicle.

Compact and robust with a long service life
When using the retrofit lighting in off-road applications, special quality is required in terms of durability and robustness. The sturdy polycarbonate lens meets the toughest requirements and reliably defies wind and weather in any terrain.The LED driving lamp is also protected against reverse polarity. In the event of overvoltage, the circuit is automatically interrupted by the full polarity protection, which ensures an especially long service life.
The integrated driver and heat management system further contributes to the longevity of the searchlight by eliminating overheating during continuous use.

Flexibility through high compatibility
Since the LEDriving Cube MX85-SP worklights can be installed on many 12V vehicles, they can be used in a wide range of applications. Whether on off-road or construction vehicles, in agriculture or on caravans - the LED worklight provides flexible and powerful light in the dark.

Important: It should be noted that the LED worklight is only approved for off-road use and is therefore not suitable as direct front lighting in road traffic. The worklights are certified according to EMC/EMI: ECE R10.
Protection class: IP67


Powerful LED worklights for off-road use
The close-range illumination for off-road use is impressive. With an illuminance of one lux, the LED worklight achieves a light distance of up to 55 metres. The beam angle of the spotlight is 43.5 degrees. The worklight for the car basically offers the driver two possible LED light functions. On the one hand, the classic work light can be used and on the other hand, the LED worklight offers the function of a stylish light in X-shape.
But the headlight is not only convincing in its function as an LED work light. The off-road style of the vehicle is once again clearly emphasised and thus enhanced with the LED worklights.

Compact, robust and durable
Especially in off-road use, features such as durability and quality are in demand. The LEDriving Cube MX85-WD worklight has a robust polycarbonate lens to meet even the toughest off-road demands. Over-voltage and under-voltage protection up to 18 volts automatically breaks the circuit if the electrical current exceeds the specified amperage for a preset time. In the interest of durability, the powerful searchlights are also equipped with an integrated driver and thermal management system. This prevents overheating during continuous use.

Highest compatibility
The application range of the LEDriving Cube MX85-WD worklights is versatile. From all-wheel-drive vehicles to off-road, utility and construction vehicles to caravans or vehicles used in agriculture, the LED worklights find their application.

It is important to note, however, that these powerful worklights for cars are not permitted for on-road use, but only for off-road use.
Protection class: IP6

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