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Osram LED Lightbar MX140-WD, worklight

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↪️ Osram LED Lightbar ✔️ MX140-WD ✔️ worklight ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
  • MX140-WD
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Osram LED light strip MX140-WD, worklight. Off-road is fun. But off-road driving is even more... more

Osram LED light strip MX140-WD, worklight.

Off-road is fun. But off-road driving is even more fun when powerful LED worklights illuminate the way in the dark. Light the way. The LEDriving Lightbar MX140-WD is a powerful LED bar for the car with 2000 lumens that is approved exclusively for off-road use. Reliable illumination of the terrain is important. With close-range illumination, the light beam of the LED worklight reaches a range of a full 60 metres with a beam angle of 45 degrees. Equipped with three high-power LEDs, the LED worklight not only provides sufficient light in the dark, but also two LED light functions.

Wide Beam - Designed for close-range illumination. For wide-area illumination in the near field of the vehicle

Light beam up to 60 m long
Beam angle 45 degree
For close-range illumination
2 light functions: working light & stylish accent light

Legal information
Only approved for off-road use and therefore not suitable for road traffic !

Application note
For further application instructions, please refer to the data sheet.

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