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ARMYTEK Tiara A1 PRO Multi-Taschenlampe

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↪️ ARMYTEK multifunction pocket lamp ✔️ Can be used as a headlamp ✔️ Shockproof and waterproof ✔️ Headlight range up to 86 m ✔️ Fast shipping
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Tiara A1 Pro Multi-Flashlight The Tiara A1 Pro by Armytek is a compact, robust and powerful... more

Tiara A1 Pro Multi-Flashlight

The Tiara A1 Pro by Armytek is a compact, robust and powerful multi-flashlight. With its angled head, the Tiara can be used as a head lamp, flashlight or stationary work light. Smaller and lighter than the Wizard Pro Magnet USB XHP50, it is designed for situations when size and weight matter but performance shouldn’t be compromised. The Tiara A1 Pro Set includes a headband for perfect fit for sporting activities, a wristband, a metal clip and a safety cord with stopper. The battery compartment’s screw cap contains a removable magnet to attach the Tiara Pro A1 to metal surfaces, poles etc.

As varied as the mounting options are the Tiara’s light modes. Strong, far-reaching luminosity of up to 450 OTF Lumen in turbo 2 mode make orientation and quick movements at night a lot safer. Low light or “firefly” modes are ideal for prolonged run times of up to 90 days while various strobe modes are mainly for position or distress signaling. A blinking mode to indicate low batterie level is one of these details that give Armytek lights the edge in extreme tasks. The on/off button’s firm pressure point is another one, preventing the lamp from being switched on and drained inadvertently. In water, the Tiara A1 is guaranteed to remain watertight and functional in depths of up to 10 m for a duration of up to 2 h. Shock resistance is certified to falling heights of up to 10 m.

Whether Hiking, outdoor sports, off-road expeditions or tough work environments, the Tiara A1 Pro is a reliable and extremely robust multi-flashlight in an ultralight format. Small size, big punch. Or as the Armytek motto goes: Born to Exceed!

Armytek is a Canadian brand for high qualtity multi-flashlights for extreme performance in job and hobby. As the brand name suggests, the products are designed to correspond to military standards regarding functionality and quality.

  • Luminosity up to 450 OTF lumens.
  • Lighting range up to 86 m.
  • Up to 90 days of running time with one battery charge.
  • Works with a 14500 Li-Ion battery or with an AA battery / rechargeable battery.

Battery not included!

* The lettering on the flashlight may differ from the one on the picture depending on the flashlight model.

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