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Vision-X Top Filter for Cannon 25W LED Spotlight

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↪️️ clip-on lens for Vision-X Cannon 25W LED spotlight ✔️ changes illumination and light colour ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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Beam pattern and color:

Vision-X clip-on filters for Cannon 25W LED spotlights One of the advantages of the Cannon LED... more

Vision-X clip-on filters for Cannon 25W LED spotlights

One of the advantages of the Cannon LED spotlights is their flexibility - the clip-on diffusers allow the light colour as well as the light diffusion to be adapted to the respective situation.

The following light colours have proven to be optimal:

yellow - for fog
red - for dust
blue - for snow
white - in all other cases

The light diffusion of the Cannon LED driving lamps, which are very narrow and wide as standard, can also be changed:

Spot - does not change the light dispersion, serves as stone chip protection.
Euro - less range, more illumination to the side
Flood - short range, very wide illumination
Combo - 80% range, wide illumination - the all-rounder!

Furthermore, there are black caps that serve as protection when the headlights are not in use, they do not let any light through.

The price refers to one piece of the covers. Delivery does not include any headlamps or accessories that may be shown; these are for illustration purposes only.

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