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Conversion kit for electronic ignition, distributor and ignition coil

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The ignition system provides the heartbeat for cars with combustion engines and sooner or later... more

The ignition system provides the heartbeat for cars with combustion engines and sooner or later there comes a time when a classic car is ripe for a pacemaker. Upgrading from mechanically to electronically controlled ignition systems reduces the number of failing or wearing parts, allows for a more precise adjustment of the spark intervals and increases the spark plugs’ effective voltage. The combustion process becomes much more efficient and even very old gasoline engines profit from smoother running, cleaner combustion and less fuel consumption. Moreover, you can also bring some of your car’s hp back from retirement.

With our electronic distributor from Powerspark and the Viper Dry Ignition coil you can upgrade 2,25l gasoline engines in Land Rover Series 2 and 3. You have the choice of ordering the distributor and the coil separately or as a complete upgrade bundle.

The electronic Powerspark distributor is a replica of the classic Lucas 45D distributor that was used in a huge percentage of British cars between 1975 and the 80ies. It fits ignition systems in most brands from Austin to Wolseley, making the Powerspark a bestseller among British classic car enthusiasts. Powerspark’s electronic version resembles the old mechanical distributor with breaker points perfectly and simply swaps the mechanical parts for a maintenance free electronic ignition control.

The second upgrade is the Viper Dry Ignition coil with 1.5 Ohms resistance, ideally suited for electronic ignition upgrades. The Viper coil sports a dry resin core instead of the old oil-cooled system and sports a chrome aluminum housing with matching bracket. The dry resin core minimizes losses in performance and durability known from oil-cooled coils. All liquid cooling systems suffer from potential leakage, wrong filling volumes or the effects of the liquid sloshing around, as might happen in off-road situations. This can cause premature wear or damage to the sensitive coils. Another big advantage of the dry resin core is the fact that the coil can be mounted at all angles.

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