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Battery box with various connections, including charger TM500 and adapter

€285.00 *

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↪️ high performance battery bundle ✔️ Optimate TM500 ✔️ Optimate O02 adapter ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
  • 15 kg

Delivery time 10-15 business days


You don’t have to go too far from home before you realize how dependent we’ve become on all our... more

You don’t have to go too far from home before you realize how dependent we’ve become on all our little electric helpers and gadgets. Whether it’s a camping trip, the construction site or an expedition, no juice, no play. And that means no laptop, no smartphone, no sat nav, no light, no fridge, no tools. With a multitude of mobile devices all depending on a power outlet, it’s crucial not to rely on your car’s starter battery alone to charge them all, because the battery could be flat in no time. And who wants to run a noisy generator around the clock?

So you better call one of our high performance battery bundles your own. It’s the perfect solution for everything that needs running or charging in off-grid situations. The bundle comes with everything you need for operation and charging of mobile devices. Center piece is a 12V AGM battery with a capacity of 33 Ah. Solidly mounted inside a robust box, you can transport your power storage in comfort and style and use it flexibly and safely at your destination. Two USB and one standard on-board power socket (“cigarette lighter socket”) provide ample charging capacity (if necessary via power adapters) for mobile devices.

You can charge the battery box either with an environmentally friendly Optimate solar panel or with the Optimate DC-to-DC charger. Simply plug the SAE-to-car/bike cable in to the on-board socket or cigarette lighter and charge the battery box efficiently and gently, preferably while you’re driving and the generator is supplying the electricity.

Never run out of juice with our Nakatanenga battery box bundle – all on board, all the time.

Bundle consists of:
1 x Nakatanenga portable power station

1 x Optimate DC to DC charger

1 x Optimate adapter

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