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Dual-Battery-Monitor BM2000, 12V or 24V stand-mount version or flush-mount version

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↪️ for monitoring of a 12V- or 24V-Dual-Battery-System ✔️ available as a stand-mount or flush-mount version ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
  • CYRIX-12-A-UNI
  • 1 kg

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Isolating Relay and HBC Dual Battery Monitor BM2000 Bundle The dual-battery-monitor BM2000... more

Isolating Relay and HBC Dual Battery Monitor BM2000 Bundle

The dual-battery-monitor BM2000 is especially manufactured for the monitoring of both batteries (starter and leisure battery). Available for 12 V- or 24 V-Dual-Battery-Systems as a stand-mounted or as a flush-mount version.

Nakatanenga has the exclusive distributorship (in Europe) for the Dual-Battery-Monitor BM2000.

Start assist function: If you press the green button for 10 seconds, you connect to both batteries. This is useful, if you need more power for a Start assist or a winch. ONLY POSSIBLE WITH THE BATTERY COMBINER Cyrix-ct!

- simple installation
- alarm (when an excessive discharge or overcharge happens)
- display automatically dims or brightens according to ambient light
- reverse polarity protection 
- very low consumption
- acoustic alarm (can be muted) 
- energy-saving
- a cutting/drilling template is included with the flush mount version. Screws are also included in the packaging
- 3 metre long cable

- the display will automatically change from one battery to the other every 5 seconds
- push the green button to mute the alarm
- push the button for 3 seconds, to diesable/enable the alarm.
- push the button for 10 seconds, to enable the start assist (only possible in combination with the battery combiner Cyrix-ct!)

- dimensions: 69,5 x 50,5 x 20 mm (Stand-mount version); 85,5 x 66,5 x 20 mm (Flush-mount version)
- weight: 130 g incl. cable
- Low-Voltage-Warning: DC voltage under 12,2 V (24.4 V) / Full alarm under 12.0 V (24.0 V)
- Over-Charge Warning: DC voltage over 14,8 V (29.6 V) / Full alarm over 15.0 V (30.0 V)

Warning alarm: display flashes and beep every 10 seconds
Full alarm: Display flashes and beep every 0.5 seconds

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