Alan 42 DS

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↪️️ switchable to any European country standard ✔️ EMG emergency call channel ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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Alan 42 DS CB handheld radio The innovative Alan 42 DS is probably the only handheld CB radio... more

Alan 42 DS CB handheld radio

The innovative Alan 42 DS is probably the only handheld CB radio that can be switched to any European country standard of the CB band by means of a key combination.

    Switchable to any European national standard
    Extensive accessories included
    EMG emergency channel
    Receive signal strength (RX) and transmit power (TX)

By switching the country standard, the unit can be used in any European country.
The extensive accessories of the Alan 42 DS offer the possibility to use the device in different scenarios. For portable operation with rechargeable or alkaline batteries, two exchangeable battery compartments are included. These can be easily exchanged for the on-board voltage adapter with 12V cigarette lighter socket to operate the unit in a mobile way in the car. External CB antennas with PL plugs are connected via the additional antenna connection of the on-board voltage adapter.  
The accessory connection according to the Midland/Albrecht 2-pin standard allows the connection of external headsets for any application.
Furthermore, the unit offers a standard BNC antenna connection to further optimise the range in portable operation.

Scope of delivery:

    Handheld radio
    Plug-in charger
    Battery/rechargeable battery pack for 6 AA alkaline batteries
    Battery/rechargeable battery pack for 8 rechargeable AA batteries with mains connection
    On-board voltage adapter with antenna connection for PL plug
    Protective cover
    Belt clip
    Carrying strap

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