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GARMIN Instinct Tactical Smartwatch

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↪️ GPS outdoor smartwatch ✔️ available in black and coyote ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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An outdoor smartwatch should be able to competently cover three functional areas: secure... more

An outdoor smartwatch should be able to competently cover three functional areas: secure navigation and orientation in the field, process data for your activities, and bring enough connectivity to communicate with services and other devices. In addition, the watch should be robust, durable and lightweight and, if possible, look good too.

The successful Instinct series from Garmin meets these demands on technology and functionality loosely, only the color palette is simply too loud either in signal red and yellow or too boring in blue and gray. That's why we rely on the deliberately more manly, noble look of the new Instinct Tactical, in black or Coyote Tan.

And once the look has been clarified, of course we will not spend much time on the surface, because the 52 g corpse command center for the wrist is still in itself in the Tactical Edition. So, performance check!

The hardware: Of course, the tactical is just as robust as any instinct. Chemically hardened, scratch-resistant glass and housing are trimmed to military standard 810-G. There must be a lot of physical or thermal violence coming together to get a dent in the clock. Waterproof is it up to 100 m depth and who will do that? The display is optimized for easy readability in all situations, for much or little light, under and over water.

The battery life of Instinct Tactical is up to 14 days, in GPS mode 16 hours.

On the software side, functions such as heart rate measurement for health and stress monitoring as well as the many activity profiles for sports and training are recommended in daily operation. Accumulated data such as time, distance, altitude, calories burned and much more can be collected and evaluated over long periods of time using Garmin Connect. Training success can be increased so much.

In ambitious outdoor use, the navigation and orientation skills stand out. Multi-satellite compatibility (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS) provides excellent positioning even in difficult terrain. Saved or loaded routes and landmarks prevent it from running in confusing terrain and should it happen in the mountains or even when mushrooming, then the TracBackTM function points the safe way back to the starting point. For the small, topographic orientation "ABC" the Altimeter / Altimeter, Barometer and Compass / Compass displays can be configured on the display.

But the "Tactical" would not really be tactical if it did not have the appropriate functionality for military use: For example, the stealth mode, which does not convey your position to other devices or cloud apps, display and connectivity modes for the use with night vision devices and a Jumpmaster mode for parachutists.

Connectivity with Smart Phone, other Garmin devices such as the Overlander, Garmin Connect or Explore websites or apps makes it easy to import, export, and sync records, such as activity profiles, fitness metrics, or routes, landmarks, and more. In addition, you can also send notifications, calendars or weather data to the Tactical via smartphone pairing. Even distress signals can be set off from the tactical, if you also have the separately available Garmin inReachTM Mini in use.

The Garmin Instinct Tactical navigates you safely and smartly in every situation through your active everyday life, both indoors and outdoors, and is an ideal combination with the dashboard navigation Overlander.

The pictured bear is NOT included!

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