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Nakatanenga Sound Insulation Kit for Land Rover Defender

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  • NASKDEF-90
  • 46,1 kg
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Nakatanenga Sound Insulation Kit for Land Rover Defender The Nakatanenga Sound Insulation Kit... more

Nakatanenga Sound Insulation Kit for Land Rover Defender

The Nakatanenga Sound Insulation Kit for the Land Rover Defender 90 and 110 (all model years) consists of various self-adhesive bitumen mats and acoustic insulation fleece panels. Bitumen mats are effective and easy to apply sound insulation elements. Bitumen mats with a fleece surface and the dimensions 500 x 200 x 3.6 mm are included for application to the floor surface. The inner side surfaces are covered with aluminium-coated 500 x 200 x 2.8 mm bitumen mats. The set is rounded off with several sound-insulating fleeces (500 x 200 x 10 mm), which are attached to the inside of the ceiling. The HiTec sound insulation fleeces are particularly suitable for sound insulation in off-road vehicles and, in addition to being very easy to work with, offer an optimum supplement to the bitumen mats.

Delivery includes special scissors with titanium coating. This means that the mats can be easily cut to size and fitted by the user without sticking to the scissors.

The sound insulation kit provides acoustic quieting of numerous droning surfaces in the vehicle. This results in a significantly reduced sound level in the interior. As a result, conversations at normal volume are possible even at over 120km/h :-)

Scope of delivery:

    A total of 9 m² (set for Defender 90) or 12 m² (set for Defender 110) of.

- Bitumen mats with aluminium surface à 500 x 200 x 2,8 mm
- Bitumen mats with fleece surface à 500 x 200 x 3.6 mm
- Acoustic sound insulation fleece à 500 x 200 x 10 mm

    1x scissors with titanium coating

Technical data:

    Bitumen mats
    - Fire specification: DIN 75200
    - Temperature resistance: -30°C to +80°C
    - Flash point: approx. 250°C
      Sound insulation fleece panels
    - Fire specification: FMVSS302
    - Temperature resistance: -90°C to +80°C
    - UV-stable

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