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independent mobile heating system with aluminum box

€1,700.00 *

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↪️ independent mobile heating system ✔️ available in different versions ✔️ built into 42L aluminum box ✔️ ideal for heating tents, pavilions, etc.
  • 20 kg

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Make some space, here comes the second generation of our mobile heater systems in a box! We are... more

Make some space, here comes the second generation of our mobile heater systems in a box! We are stuffing even more technology, more experience and more customer feedback into our portable heating boxes. If you require a small autonomous and portable high capacity heat source for cold outdoor shelters or temporary abodes, you’ll find everything you need (or want) in one small, weather protected aluminum case. The Nakatanenga mobile heater comes in three modular versions and makes the perfect, independent heat source for tents, pavilions, garden sheds, mountain cabins, food stands, market stalls and many more.

At the heart of our mobile heater box is the Autoterm Air D, a diesel-run air heater with a maximum output of 1.8 kW and a diesel consumption of just under a quarter liter per hour at full strength. In the double tank version with over 18 L volume you can run the heater for over 70 hours. The heater unit is extremely fuel-efficient and, due to an exhaust muffler, also quite silent at 55 decibels. In the double battery version, the heater is operated by a digital control unit including a timer function and two remote controls to switch it off or on. With it you can pre-heat your camper van, the roof tent or hunting cabin for the morning or the evening or control it from the inside* where you stay or sleep.

In contrast to its predecessors, the three new variations of our new mobile heater come in one universal size box of 42 L. That’s significantly smaller than the old top of the range version and not a lot bigger than the first generation small model. What’s the advantage? The new universal size case offers a modular interior for maximum heat delivery. Whether you require tanks, batteries or both, you can make your own choice: a 9.2 L single tank, an 18.4 L double tank, both without batteries, or a double battery solution with single tank and digital control unit. Should your requirements change over time, you can easily change the configuration and add or remove components. This is made possible by especially constructed fittings in the box and custom-built tanks.

The models without batteries are designed to be run by external 12 V power sources like our own solar panel kit connected to the built-in SAE socket. The 60 Ah strong battery powered version features a capacity indicator, a USB-interface to charge smartphones or power banks and is operated by the digital PU27 control unit, which also features a timer function and two handheld remotes.
The warm air is delivered through a watertight, flexible duct that can be screwed firmly onto the outlet. Since the length requirements vary from user to user and situation to situation, we do not include a standard length in the delivery but leave it to you to order the required dimensions separately in the shop, with or without silicone sleeve.

The mobile heater is always easy to transport, regardless of the configuration. It can make the difference between enjoying or suffering through a typical cold weather activity. Whether it’s a polar light safari, selling cookies in a Christmas market stall or winter camping in a roof tent, nothing is fun when you’re chilled to the bone.

*Attention: Due to health and safety regulation, specifically the risk of poisoning by toxic fumes, indoors operation of the mobile heater is prohibited. To achieve maximum heat output, the air intakes for both combustion and warm air need to be protected from weather and kept free from obstruction.

Interior 550x350x220 mm
Exterior 580x380x240 mm

Weight without fuel:
2 tanks, no battery: 18 kg
1 tank, no battery: 16 kg
1 tank, 2 batteries: 36 kg

The battery lasts, depending on how many starts are made, at least 40 hours but more between 60-70 hours.

Please note that there is one important consideration about aluminum. As always, we make sure our products are stored, handled and shipped with the utmost care. Aluminum boxes, however, can always show minimal scratches, dull spots, blemishes, small dents or other superficial marks on delivery. These are solely due to the specific properties of the material. On contact with atmospheric oxygen, aluminum develops a natural, anti-corrosion patina.  Three times lighter than steel, it is also considerably softer, making it the perfect material for metal sheets, especially when weight and durability are important. The flip side of these properties, though, means that aluminum can never be entirely free of scratches, blemishes etc. This is why these surface marks do not constitute grounds for customer complaints. After all, aluminum boxes are meant to be rugged items for heavy duty use and every mark tells a story. With that in mind, we hope you get the most out of your boxes!

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