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GARMIN Wireless Backup Camera

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↪️ wireless transmission of camera images from a distance of up to 13.7 metres ✔️ 160 degree field of view ✔️ integrated WLAN ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
  • 1 kg

Delivery time 5-10 business days

Remedy for the problem zone behind the vehicle wide 160-degree field of view; shows what's... more

Remedy for the problem zone behind the vehicle

  • wide 160-degree field of view; shows what's behind the vehicle in reverse gear
  • built-in Wi-Fi to stream the BC 35's live camera view directly to the display of your compatible¹ GPS navigator
  • wireless transmission of camera images from up to 13.7 metres (45 feet; range depends on installation)
  • allows connection to a constant power source on demand for easy switching between camera and navigation modes
  • rugged enough to withstand harsh weather conditions²
  • a high-quality rearview camera like the Garmin BC 35 can significantly improve rear visibility for drivers. So reduce the risk of blind spot accidents when driving in reverse.

Reversing? Easily mastered.
Pairing the BC 35 wireless reversing camera with a compatible GPS sat nav gives you a Wi-Fi-enabled multi-purpose camera that makes it easy to spot vehicles, pedestrians and other obstacles that are difficult to see.

If the camera is powered by the reversing lights, the compatible Garmin navigation system can automatically display the camera image when reverse gear is engaged. When a forward gear is engaged, the device switches back to navigation mode. Alternatively, the system can be connected to a constant power source so you can switch between navigation display and rear view display modes at the touch of a button.

The guidance lines shown on the display can be adjusted to the size of the vehicle to help drivers estimate the distance in reverse. Up to 4 cameras can be used together in one system, giving you multiple viewing angles when reversing.

The BC 35 is rugged enough to withstand even extreme weather conditions. Garmin recommends that you have your dealer install the BC 35. However, if you are really knowledgeable and skilled, you can try installing it yourself. You need to mount the camera on the back of the vehicle and connect it to a power source, such as the rear lights.

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